The Lord will fulfill his purpose for Me

Dr.Ananda Stira
My beloved brothers and sisters! Young men and women! Children! father and mother !

I express my loving greetings to you all in the sweet name of Jesus Christ, the Lord Almighty who strengthens us and fulfills everything for us.

If is an immense joy and pleasure to meet you all through this magazine this month also. When we meditate the word of God and learn its deep meanings we receive blessings in every part of our life. Let us meditate this month the verse Psalms 138:8.“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.” I do hope this will be beneficial to your spiritual as well as worldly life. So, read this message with prayer! May God be with you and lead you!

We the human beings wish that whatever we do must flourish, be successful and bear fruit. It is a right attitude. Even now,you may be making many efforts that your children or grandchildren should be successful in their career or business. You may be crying unto God that your children are in misery without a job despite their good education. In such a situation, the news that we read in the newspaper daily threatens us. Yes, on one side, murder,plundering, cruelty, violence and lack of love are increasing in the country and the other side, the number of loving brother and sisters working in foreign countries, losing their jobs is increasing, Many are in search of job inspire of high qualification and the number of industries being closed is increasing day by day, the horrible incidents that happen due to the religious and caste riots make us raise a question within us whether really God reigns, Never the less my beloved children of God! Do not have anxiety about anything , Be strengthened with a firm mind, because the Bible that is Truth and life says emphatically “God the most high and Almighty reigns.” (Psalms 93:1, 97:1, 99:1)

1. God Reigns Amidst People

The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice.Psalm 97:1
Though the people including in the activities of injustice about in this modern world God, who is above them with the love for justice, fairness and the poor, is still alive even today. That is why Daniel says, “God the most high is sovereign over the kingdoms of men.”-(Daniel 4:17) When we call unto him he removes all the barriers with his power, mends the paths and makes a way for us.

One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their king will pass through before them, the Lord at their head- Micah 2:13
Call unto me and I Will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. - Jeremiah 33:3

He leads us in the narrow path that is full of obstacles and ups and downs. He changes the valley of tears and sets a good path of blessings for us to go ahead.

Recently when I had been to Chennai to pray for the people a sister named Cecily came to meet me. She had dedicated her life to God but due to some circumstances she was in poverty. She suffered a lot without a job. She was in such a difficult position that she did not know what to don for the food of next time. Having understood her path of tears with the help of Holy spirit I comforted her with the words: “ God reigns. He will accomplish everything for you. He will see everything,keep your burden upon him.” Besides the comforting words I gave her a hundred rupee and said, “ Do not scarcity of food and water in your house. You will be lifted up high soon.” Then I prayed for her. God performed a miracle for her. God gave her a job above her through and pleading with a high salary (Rs. 18,000/-) God commanded an elevation in her life.

Similarly, Mrs.Saraswathi who was not aware of Christ had been affected by a dead by disease and was bedridden for five years.she was a mother of four children and she underwent a difficult situation for many months. The future of her children become a question mark. Her husband who was employed in the army was a godly man.In such a difficult situation he looked at his wife who did not want to know about our position through letter. What a wonder! Bear their burden and accomplish everything for them. Jesus himself went to their house and changed her deathbed. He enabled her to get up, sit, walk and do all the household work herself. Apart from the miraculous healing, God blessed their financial situation. They were in a rented house but by the blessing of God the bought ten houses They were worried about the marriage of their four children because of the money problem but God gave them grace to get married in a good manner.Her husband also completed his military service and retired. The sister who saw all those miracles committed herself to God and accepted Jesus as the real God.

A father of two children from nagarcoil came to me once and cried that his children were without job for eight years after completing their education. I asked them how many Bible verses they were reading every day. They said that they would need the Bible only during the family prayer time. I told them that it was not sufficient. They must read the Bible more and increase their prayer time. Then God himself would put everything upon him and do everything for them. They followed the way I showed them for one month.What a wonder! As they did What I said, the two of them got a high post in a very big company.

Likewise, you also seek the presence of God for the prosperity of all worldly things like education, marriage, job opportunity, blessing of offspring, starting a new business and the construction of house. Then God will go before you and fulfill everything for you.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,And lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3 : 5,6)
Although I worked hard in my work spot and received many compliments I wanted to improve my status from the previous one and therefore I was shifting from one job to another for better prospects.Before joining the job I would pray with tears in the presence of God, “Lord,Go before me.You alone should make me pursue my studies and life me up in life.” Then he would teach me and lead me. I developed my position according to my studies in such a way and finally I became the best researcher in Asia. You may also worry that you do not have father and mother to help you or you may this that your parents are too poor to help you. You may be anxious about your job, marriage, business and inability to complete a certain thing. God Almighty who can change your situation performs mighty things in the earth which is ruled by men. He will fulfill all your good desires. He will go ahead of you and lead you.
Doesn’t David the ordinary shepherd confess the scriptures with faith? He, who saw the ups & downs of life, treason of the enemies, oppositions, risks and diseases rising like a spate, believed firmly that God who anointed him as a king his sweet presence and his power would lift him up. That was why he said that God would fulfill everything for him.

2. God Fulfils Everything For Us

God is mighty enough to fulfill not only temporal things but also his calling for us with a special plan or for a particular powerful work. Yes, my dearly beloved! When we read the Bible well we can understand it clearly. God plans to redeem more than 20 lakh Israelites from the captivity of several years, using Moses, then Moses is 80 years oil.In such a situation God calls Moses and commands In such a situation God calls Moses and commands him to go to pharaoh to deliver the Israelites. It is a very big calling. It is a path filled with hard struggles. A situation of death occurring any time. God looks at Moses, who is to traveling this critical path, and says, ”Moses! Do not be afraid. I have called you. I who send you is I am who I am.” And also he promises,“ I will be with you and do wonders. Never before done in any nation in all the world. What I am going to do for the people through you will be awesome.” (Exodus 34:10) God who gave such a promise to Moses performs many miracles through him never done before by anybody, delivers the people from the captivity and leads them in perfect path. Though he calls Moses at his ripe age He extends forty years more for him. Till his death God protects him from infirmity and blindness. Moses was a hundred infirmity and blindness. “Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone.” – (Deuteronomy34:7)

Nehemiah, a devotee is a cup bearer to a great king yet he pleads with fasting for his nation ravaged by the enemies.He also pleads for the mercy of God to forgive the sins of the people. God who hears the prayer of supplication plans to do mighty things. God gives Nehemiah the desire and faith to build up the broken walls of Jerusalem and acts through the broken walls of Jerusalem and acts through him. (Nehemiah 1:2 -11 ; 2:1-8;Philippians 2:13)

Nehemiah display his faith in action. He shows it on his face without being able to open his mouth and ask the king under whom he works. We read in Nehemiah 2nd chapter that before Nehemiah reveals to the king the thoughts of his mind, the king volunteerly comes forward and asks the reason for his sorrow and what he wants. What a surprise. Though Nehemiah is little hesitant in putting forth the desires of his heart in the presence of the king, he orders everything for Nehemiah. Immediately a decree is mode by the king to rebuild the walls and formal letters are sent; Yet he faces the struggles and disgrace of his enemies. “When all our enemies heard about this all the surrounding nations realized that this work had been done with the help of our God” ( Nehemiah 6:16). Since Nehemiah trust God he is able to complete everything. Before building the wall he confesses his faith as follows: The God of heaven will give us success. We His servants will start rebuilding – Nehemiah 2:20

You may also wish to set up an organization or you may run an organization or a church.If so, God will bless your activities. He will eliminate all your sufferings and tribulations. All the plans given by God to you will be certainly fulfilled. He himself will fulfill all the plans that he has given you. Amen.

3. God Never Abandons Us

The compassion complete grace,mercy, meakness and great favour of god endure for ever so he will never abandon the works of the hand that is he will not abandon us. Yes, dearly beloved! He will never forsake us. ( Job 36:5; Psalm 101:8; 86:15; 106:5; 145:8,9; Daniel 9:8; Lamentations 3:22)

God of Love who created man his own image, is as merciful, compassionate and gracious as righteous he is. His grace reaches the Heavens ( Psalm 36:5; 57:10)They are new every morning. God is gracious unto the works of his Hand. Jesus says that ( Matthew 12:7 , John 1:14, Psalm 146:8; 9:14 , Psalm 94:18; 86:5;103:10 – 12; Ephesians 2:8) Besides these, he gives us the gifts of spirit according to his mercy and grace;performs miracles and signs, spoke to me accurately, I went to the place where he was sitting and called him by his name. Then I said , “ Son, you are running towards deaths; you have a dreadful poison at your house to kill yourself; you are face failure in everything.

How can we inherit such a great grace that is more dear and higher than our life? When can we receive the grace granted by the Lord of Lords?

A. When we know God ( Psalm 36:10)
B. When we live having belief in him that is having trust in him.( Genesis 15:6; 24:27,Nehemiah 1:5; Psalm 32:10)
C. When we are humble ( Proverbs 3: 34, 1 Peter 5:5; James 4:6)
D. When we do things according to his commandments, fearing him ( Psalm 103:17; 147:11)
E. When we pray for the welfare, salvation and Revival of the country (Daniel 9:2;3:19)
F. When we pray standing in the breach for the forgiveness of sins of others and the elimination of sorrow, agony, diseases, and sufferings. ( Exodus 32:13,14;33:19)

Once, When I was sharing the word of God in an International Christian Church in Singapore, the spirit of God descended on me mighty and spoke clearly about a young man who was in the midst of the meeting, I did not know the details of his life and family, But the spirit of God.
The young man was delivered. Because of this miracle, all his family members accepted Jesus, He went home and threw away the poison. He got a good job.” And also, all the witchcraft, sorcery kept against him became the which craft, sorcery kept against him become nothing, the young man who was running towards death was made to rise from the deathbed by a single word uttered by God, He delivered him, gave him wisdom and lifted in life. This is the grace of God , coming upon us. We should never compare the grace of God with our deeds. When we plead for mercy with humility we receive it.

When I deliver sermons in the meetings God performs great things amidst the people. Such things happen not because of my godliness, righteousness, Biblical knowledge or prayers done for hours. Only his grace is responsible for everything. It is he who does everything. That is why Jesus looks at us and says, “ Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5). Everything before delivering the message of God, I would praise God for hours together, search the scripture and pray individually. His presence would make me shudder. It would be seen that I am unworthy before him, never the less in view of his grace, He will teach me the words to be spoken by being merciful on me. He fulfill the words, filled with grace and power through miracles and prophecies.

Yes, my dearly beloved! Submit all your things to God, Believe that God will do everything for me and his grace is upon me for ever, Then he will bless you and fulfill everything for because of his grace. It will be a great wonder in your sight. May God do everything for those who read this message. May the grace of God be upon you for ever! Amen.

May the Lord enrich you with His immeasurable joy.
Br.Dr.Anand Stira



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